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Do You Need a Place of Grace?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need a place of grace. In John 5:2-3, we are told about such a place of grace. It was the Pool of Bethesda located in Jerusalem. This pool was actually two separate pools north and south of each other. They were surrounded by five porches and covered on top. These porches were crowded with people that were sick, lame, paralyzed and diseased. They were there waiting for the angel to come and stir the water. The first one to get into the water after it was stirred was healed.

Notice, there are five porches. Five is the Biblical number of grace. These five porches are all covered with the sick, lame, paralyzed, and diseased. Why are they there? They are there because they are seeking grace. Grace can be defined as, “God’s unmerited kindness and favor bestowed upon those of His choosing who do not deserve it and can not earn it”.The sick, lame, paralyzed, and diseased people were gathering on the porches. They were gathered there waiting for grace to manifest in physical healing.

Gracious healings would take place when an angel at a certain time of year, the feast of the Jews, known as Tabernacles, which means God with us, would stir up the waters and the first one in the waters would be healed. All of this was done to show what would happen when Jesus, Emanuel, God with us, ultimately fulfilled the Feast of Tabernacles. Christ coming to tabernacle among us would introduce us to grace in a whole new way. This grace would manifest in a variety of healings, the most important being salvation, and would occur daily rather than one time a year.

A Place of Grace
The truth is we all need a place of grace. We are all sick, lame, paralyzed, and diseased.

The truth is we all need a place of grace. We are all sick, lame, paralyzed, and diseased. The only hope of being healed is to be graced with salvation, healing, and deliverance from the Angel of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

So, do you need a place of grace? If so, then find a church that preaches the Word of God without apology, and that is graced by the presence of the Lord that manifests in salvations, healings, and deliverances, and go there. If you need a place of grace, consider Grace Chapel. It is a place of grace. Like the porches surrounding the Pool of Bethesda, Grace Chapel is crowded with people looking for grace.So, if you are sick, lame, paralyzed, diseased, or broken, and you need a place of grace, there is room for you here at Grace Chapel. We gather every week to experience and receive God’s grace. Come, gather with us here at Grace Chapel. It is a place of grace!


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