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Help People Anyway

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

People are hurting. All around you, people are hurting, grieving, and suffering. There is a strong probability that you are hurting, grieving and suffering at this very moment while you are reading this post. Unfortunately, due to the fall of Adam and Eve, sin, and the pain and grief it causes, is part of the human experience. It affects all of us at some point. Even Jesus was not exempt from grief while on the earth. 

Matthew 14:10-13(ESV)“He sent and had John beheaded in the prison, 11 and his head was brought on a platter and given to the girl, and she brought it to her mother. 12 And his disciples came and took the body and buried it, and they went and told Jesus. 13 Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself. But when the crowds heard it, they followed him on foot from the towns.”

Think about this for a moment. Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, was put to death by Herod the tetrarch. Herod had him arrested because he called out Herod’s sin. Herod was unlawfully married to Herodias. The marriage was unlawful because Herodias was once married to Herod’s brother, Philip. Herod was married to another woman. However, they left their spouses and married each other. John the Baptist preached against it. Herodias convinced her husband, Herod, to arrest John the Baptist for speaking out against them. She wanted to kill him, but Herod feared the people who believed that John the Baptist was a prophet, so he would not do it. One day Herod had a big birthday party for himself, and Herodias' daughter danced for the king and pleased him, so he said he would give her anything she asked. Her mother convinced her to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter. She did. Herod had backed himself into a corner and felt that he had no other option but to follow through with the request. So, John the Baptist was beheaded. (Matthew 14:1-11)


the best way to deal with grief, is to help people


John’s disciples buried him, and then they went and told Jesus that he was dead. The news of John’s death troubled Jesus. Why wouldn’t it? After all, Jesus was God, but He was also man. In His humanity, Jesus was grieving the loss of His cousin, whom He loved deeply, and wanted to be alone. However, the multitudes followed Him. What did Jesus do? He helped people anyway. He was moved with compassion and ministered to them and healed their sick. He also miraculously fed them utilizing only five loaves of bread and two fish. (Matthew 14:13-21)

This eyewitness account from Matthew teaches us a very valuable lesson. The lesson is this, “Help people anyway”. You see, the best way to deal with your grief is to help people anyway! Do not wallow in your pain and suffering. Fight your way through pain, sorrow, and grief by helping people who are in pain, sorrow, grief, and in need. No matter how you feel, help people anyway. If you will help people anyway, you just might witness God’s miracle-working power! 


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